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Ferdinand Beaudelaire

Pawfessional Cuddle Assistant

Hi there, my name is Ferdinand.

I'm the newest member of the Pawfessional Cuddles team. I'll be helping out at the office on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If you enjoy animal friends,

I'd really love to meet you!

I'm a very sweet and cuddly French Bulldog puppy. My happy place is curled up in your lap or arms as I peacefully drift off to sleep.

I am a very well behaved little boy.

I promise not to be too distracting - unless you want me to be of course!

Did you know that French Bulldogs were bred to be perfect cuddle companions? 

I think I may have found my dream job!!

If you'd like to reserve one of my puppy-assisted cuddle sessions,

Please be sure to reserve a time on a Tuesday or Saturday.

**Please note; if you reserve a session on any other day,

you'll probably just get my boring mom only.

Some day I hope to go through therapy dog training when I'm all growed up.

If you'd like to watch my pawgress, you can click on the icon below to follow my  Instagram page.


See you there!

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