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Professional Cuddles is open for hugs!

A message to our clients about Covid 19:


Yes, we have continued to see our wonderful clients for cuddle sessions!

Health and wellness has always been the primary focus of our work here at Professional Cuddles.

We continue to maintain that focus through these unusual times and will continue long after.

We are happy to accommodate any special needs or requests. Just let us know how we can help!

We care for our physical, mental and emotional health every day by taking quality vitamins like zinc, B12, vitamin C. We focus on getting quality rest, eliminating stress, keeping up with daily mindfulness practices and eating a healthy plant-based diet designed to remove virus and toxins from the body. *Ask us about this!  

Not to mention lots of cuddling which is our favorite way to boost immunity.

We invite you to make your own choices and determinations for your health. 

And to communicate what you need.

Each unique approach is respected and supported.

Sending out BIG love and HUGS in this time where they are especially needed!!


Can't wait to see you,



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While professional cuddle sessions are strictly platonic (think close friend or family member),  we always bring an open heart along with our physical presence to a session. If you need to talk, we can talk with no fear of judgment. If you need to hold or be held, we can just focus on the wonderful warmth and comfort only physical touch can provide.

"When we’re stressed out, our cortisol spikes—which can weaken our immune system, increase blood pressure, and generally wreak havoc on our bodies. When humans hug, cuddle, or touch, however, our brains release the neuropeptide and hormone oxytocin, which has been shown to inhibit cortisol. The more oxytocin we release, the less stressed we are."


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