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We're SO glad you're here. Please take some time to settle in, take a look around & get cozy.

Here's a little information about Professional Cuddles to get you started:


Professional Cuddles was founded in Minnesota January of 2017 by Jana Rose Merten.

After years of struggling with imbalanced, unfulfilling relationships, she knew something needed to change... But, change can be scary. Especially when it calls for radical honesty and vulnerability.

Thanks to the increasing discomfort, Jana was emboldened to take a leap of faith, and explore this strange new thing called ... Professional Cuddling?!

Our mission is to uphold an extremely high standard of personal & professional integrity, providing physical & emotional safety, unconditional love and radical acceptance to all.

At Professional Cuddles, we create valuable opportunities to comfort and support one another. Sessions provide safe spaces to practice healthy relationship dynamics, rewire outdated programming and fulfill our needs - greatly elevating our quality of life.

This mission involves education, normalization, clear boundaries, honesty, sensitivity, care, mindful communication, self-awareness, self-advocacy and sometimes tremendous courage.

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