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Jana Rose

Thanks so much for visiting, I'm glad you're here!

My name is Jana, I am the owner and founder of Professional Cuddles.

I am extremely passionate about my work in touch and connection therapy. The healing I have witnessed in myself and others has been nothing short of amazing and inspiring! 

As we continue to normalize and practice platonic touch, love and intimacy, we begin to notice profound changes in the relationship we have within ourselves, those around us and ultimately, the collective landscape as a whole. 


My work is about creating a safe place to share closeness, healing and connection... 

When two people come together with the intention to connect, something truly magical takes place. Energy begins to flow and balance out. Creating a beautiful harmonic exchange. This is where unconditional love lives. I use an infinity symbol to illustrate what this flow of energy between two people looks like.





Additional resources offered by Jana:

Life coaching

Healthy lifestyle guidance

Trauma processing, relief and recovery

Inner child work/Reparenting practice

"Parts Work" (emotional reintegration)

Spiritual recovery and guidance

Nonviolent Communication

Nervous System Regulation

& more...


Jana takes what she calls a "trauma-informing" approach to her work.

Actively pursuing a deeper understanding of human needs, behavior and how to successfully recover from life's inevitable challenges.

She has experience with: high sensitivity, disability, interpersonal disorders and more.

Jana also works as a professional artist, teacher and consultant.

She is passionate about personal development, small business ownership, building community and transforming our world view of relationships.

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