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Jana Rose

Thanks so much for visiting, I'm glad you're here!

My name is Jana, I am the owner and founder of Professional Cuddles.

I am extremely passionate about my work in touch and connection therapy. The healing I have witnessed in myself and others has been nothing short of amazing and inspiring! 

As we continue to normalize and practice platonic touch, love and intimacy, we begin to notice profound changes in the relationship we have within ourselves, those around us and ultimately, the collective landscape as a whole. 


My work is about creating a safe place to share closeness, healing and connection... 

When two people come together with the intention to connect, something truly magical takes place. Energy begins to flow and balance. A beautiful settling occurs within the body.

Unconditional love moves in.

And the healing begins...


Sessions may Include


Compassionate touch (cuddling)

Nonviolent Communication

Emotional Recovery & Empowerment

Radical acceptance

Secure Attachment Practices

Inner child work/Reparenting practice

Nervous System Regulation

Safe Community Resources

Animal Therapy (coming soon!)

& more...


Jana takes what she calls a "trauma-informing" approach to her work.

Sessions are catered to meet clients where they are, supporting development at their own unique pace.


Jana is driven to offer compassionate, effective solutions that lead to a more fulfilling life.

Cracking the codes that help people thrive in our beautifully complex, challenging and sometimes scary world.

Click here to book with Jana!

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