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Open for Hugs

Hi there sweet cuddle family, I hope this letter finds you well as we press forward through this final stretch of winter. I also hope you're keeping up with your self care in whichever ways serve you best. This can be a tough time of year for many, so if you need it, I'm sending out a fresh burst of loving, soothing energy along with some super big hugs.

We've been busy at Professional Cuddles this winter and I've got some fun updates to share with you!!

First, I'm excited to announce that

we have set up a beautiful second location in NE Minneapolis. It has a dreamy, soothing, lavender theme, so we are referring to our Minneapolis location as the Lavender Lounge. It's full of wonderful, cozy pillows and plenty of nooks to cuddle up in. I've worked hard to make it as magical as our original location. Can't wait to share this space with you!


Second, I am extremely happy to announce that we have two wonderful ladies joining the Professional Cuddles team this year! Taysia Marie and Amy Maxine are coming on to offer cuddle sessions at our new Minneapolis location. They are absolutely delightful individuals and I just know you will love them. I personally invited them to work with us because they are two of the most loving, kind and awakened women I know. I'll continue working out of the main Saint Paul location, Taysia & Amy will be available at the Lavender Lounge. Sessions can be booked directly through the professional Cuddles website here

(If you'd like to book a session with me at the new Lavender Lounge, shoot us an email or talk to me in person and we'll set up a time for us!)

Taysia and Amy have recently completed their one on one training with me and are now ready for the final stage of the process. For the month of February, Amy & Taysia will be offering special "introductory cuddle sessions"* to established clients. Introductory sessions are just like regular cuddle sessions, however they will be discounted from $90/hr to $60/hr. By booking an introductory session with the girls, you will be helping them develop valuable learning experiences that will serve them in all future sessions. If you'd like to meet Amy or Taysia and help their learning process, please visit our online booking page for the new Minneapolis location! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and thanks for taking care of yourself! Sending hugs, Jana & Aurora *Please note, the online prices do not reflect the discounted rates for February. The $60 rate is only available to established cuddle clients!


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